Australian Government - Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012
Marine Order 505 (Certificates of competency – national law) 2013

Guidance on when to use this form

Please refer to Qualifying near coastal sea service guidance.

B. Record of Sea Service
Vessel name
Unique Vessel Identifier
Length (m)
Area (1)
Type (2)
Duties (3)
Propulsion Type (4)
Propulsion power (kW)
Propulsion no. of engines
Date and Time on
Date and Time off
Avg. hours per day
No. of days (7.5hrs)
Days on voyages (>24 hrs)
Supervisor name
Supervisor contact number(mobile or phone)
Supervisor signature

Area of operation (1): Type of operation (2): Duties performed (3): Propulsion type (4):
IW: Inland waters
SW: Sheltered waters
SSW: Seaward of sheltered waters
NUD: Not underway deck or refit work
NUE: Not underway engine or refit work
C: Commercial (passenger, trading, fishing and rescue)
R: Recreational
M: Military
AE: Assistant to Engineer or Engine Driver
E: Engineer or Engine Driver
EW: Engineer watchkeeper
EIC: Engineer in charge
AEIC: Assistant to engineer in charge
D: Deck
DE: Deck and engineering
GPH: General purpose hand
INW: In charge of navigation watch/officer of watch
C: Coxswain Grade 1 or 2
I: Inboard
O: Outboard
S: Steam

Seafarers details:

How to lodge
Lodge with AMSA 426 Form
AMSA form: 771
Version: 1 7/18